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Carraway Center for
Teaching and Learning

"Mom, when can I come back to tutoring? I never knew math could be so fun! Can I come back and do more math tomorrow?"

- Anne, 2nd Grade Student

Transforming Teaching & Learning

The mission of The Carraway Center is to empower each child with the hope, understanding, and abilities they need to be successful in school and in life.


Student Focused

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Research Driven

The Carraway Center for Teaching & Learning is an educational consulting organization located in Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. The Carraway Center is dedicated to helping students, teachers, and parents understand how learning occurs and how to improve student learning. Specific instructional strategies are informed by cognitive neuroscience research are designed to help ensure academic success for every type of learner. Our focus is to teach students how they learn and help them develop individual strategies to help them learn most efficiently.


Founded in 2001, the Carraway Center works with schools, organizations, and individuals through one-on-one academic instruction, executive function and ADHD coaching, parent consulting, student workshops, academic seminars, and professional development workshops for educators.

See What People Are Saying

Girl in Class

"Mom, when can I come back to tutoring?

I never knew math could be so fun!

Can I come back and do more math tomorrow?" 

- Anne, 2nd Grade

"Jenny just opened her end of year report and she is delighted she received all A’s making Honour Roll! While Bob and I are so proud of her accomplishment, more than the grades, we are pleased that she has studied well and was far more organized! We noticed a big difference in her approach to getting her work done and keeping track of her assignments … you have delivered and we are so grateful for all your help."

Jenny, 10th Grade Student

Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

"Jacob received his ACT scores and got a 33 (His last test was a 29)!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Your classes made all the difference!"

-Cheryl, Parent

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