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Kimberly Carraway, Ed.M.

Kimberly Carraway is a Mind, Brain & Education specialist who specializes in the integration of cognitive neuroscience and teaching and learning strategies. She holds degrees in Cognitive Studies and Elementary Education from Vanderbilt University and in Learning and Teaching from Harvard University.


Ms. Carraway works nationally with schools and educators bringing usable knowledge and practical cognitive neuroscience applications directly to the classroom. She is the author of Transforming Your Teaching: Practical Classroom Strategies Informed by Cognitive Neuroscience. Ms. Carraway directs The Carraway Center for Teaching and Learning in Nashville, TN and now in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The Carraway Center in Birmingham opened in June of 2022 and is located in Cahaba Heights close to the Summit and Whole Foods. She is excited to bring over 20 years of experience working with students to the Birmingham community. 

Transforming Your Teaching: Practical Classroom Strategies Informed by Cognitive Neuroscience




“Finally a user-friendly book to help teachers of all grades! The book simplifies the complexities of the brain, enabling educators to teach effectively in the 21st century classroom. I highly recommend that faculty read this book and invite Kimberly to visit their school; it will be one of the most meaningful and productive professional development opportunities a school can provide to their faculty.”

—Matthew Treat, Director of the Academic Support Program, Hopkins School 

In this book, Transforming Your Teaching: Practical Classroom Strategies Informed by Cognitive Neuroscience, Kimberly Carraway, a leading educator and “teacher of teachers,” not only summarizes the most essential principles of how the brain learns, but also unpacks hundreds of ready-to-use applications of research in the classroom, translating the science into teaching strategies and learning activities that optimize student outcomes. 

Transforming Your Teaching is not about doing more. It’s about doing things more effectively. With brain-based tips for instructional design, knowledge assessment, and the enhancement of learning skills like time management, note-taking, attention, reading comprehension, organization, and memory, this user-friendly book will empower teachers, administrators, and parents to maximize retention and classroom success for their K-12 students. 

       Kimberly is also a contributing author to: 
         The Neuropsychology of Written Language Disorders 
By: Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed.

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