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Core Values


Academic Excellence

Striving for the highest standards of academic quality and continuously seeking improvement  in all aspects of the services provided. 


Research-Based, Best Practices 

Staying current with new findings from research on how students learn and factors that affect learning so instruction is always based on best practices and current application of research.


Student-Centered Approach

Putting the needs and goals of students at the forefront, tailoring instruction and programs to individual learning profiles and providing intentional support & care.

​​Honesty & Transparency

Acting with honesty, transparency and integrity in all interactions with students, families, educators and the community.


​Grace & Compassion 

Believing all individuals are created in the image of God, all individuals are treated with grace and compassion. 



Taking responsibility to equip every student with the strategies, methods, interventions and instruction needed to grow, to be successful in their learning and meeting agreed-upon goals. 


​​Passion & Fun

Valuing the importance of joy and passion in the learning process as we assist students in developing a love of learning and having fun in the process.

Never Giving Up

Committing to walking with parents and their children through the difficulties of academic life, never giving up on any student.

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