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Exam Prep Mini-Course

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Schedule Individual

Exam Prep Sessions:

In addition to the mini-course, we also provide individual exam prep tutoring.

Call us to schedule a session to prepare for a specific exam like Biology or Algebra 2 or to focus on getting materials organized, creating a plan and

 learning how to study for each exam.  

We do it all: 

- clean out messy backpacks 

- print out exam study guides

- organize study materials for each exam 

- plan a daily study schedule

- hold students accountable for studying ahead of time 

- teach students study techniques for studying for different types of exams

- teach and explain confusing content 

- review and correct mistakes on previous tests 

- make notecards and study tools 

- help minimize and address stress & anxiety

- encourage & support students

Email or call to schedule the sessions:

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